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Dr. Çelebi had a very large family. That is not only due his five children, nor due to his heritage as a Çelebi and hence, belonging to one of the oldest families in the world, but also due to his mother's and his wife's family.

Dr. Çelebi is the 19th great-greatson of Mevlana (21st generation descendant). He is also a descendant of Namik Pasha and Hasan Pasha, both famous figures in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Dr. Çelebi and his wife Guzide Çelebi (Uraz) are cousins. His mother and his wife's mother are sisters and are descendants of Hasan Pasha, whereas his wife's mother is a descendant of Namik Pasha.

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Dr. Çelebi's ascendants

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Dr. Çelebi's Children

Dr. Çelebi's Legacy
Upon Dr. Çelebi's demise in 1996, his family established the International Mevlana Foundation to continue the his work and to conduct research on Mevlana's works and thoughts, and carry them over to next generations, not only in Turkey, but all over the world.

A list of current activities arranged by the Foundation can be found here.

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