Alaaddin Çelebi (male)
Father 1207Mevlana Celaleddin
Mother date?Gevher


Gera Hatun (female)
Death 1288date?
Father date?Sahip Ata


Family of Alaaddin Çelebi & Gera Hatun
Boy date?Alaaddin Hisavend


Sultan-Veled Çelebi (male)
Birth 1226date?
Death 1312date?
Father 1207Mevlana Celaleddin
Mother date?Gevher


Fatma Gerake Hatun (female)
Father date?Kuyumcu Selahaddin


Family of Sultan-Veled Çelebi & Fatma Gerake Hatun
Girl date?Mutahhara Abide Hatun
Girl date?Arife Seref Hatun
Boy 1272Arif (I) Çelebi


Arif (I) Çelebi (male)
Birth 1272date?
Death 1320date?
Father 1226Sultan-Veled Çelebi
Mother date?Fatma Gerake Hatun


Family of Arif (I) Çelebi
Boy 1292Emir-Alim (I) Çelebi
Boy 1295Muzaffereddin-Adil Çelebi


Muzaffereddin-Adil Çelebi (male)
Birth 1295date?
Death 1368date?
Father 1272Arif (I) Çelebi


Family of Muzaffereddin-Adil Çelebi
Boy 1344Emir-Arif (II) Çelebi


Emir-Arif (II) Çelebi (male)
Birth 1344date?
Death 1422date?
Father 1295Muzaffereddin-Adil Çelebi


Family of Emir-Arif (II) Çelebi
Boy date?Emir-Adil Çelebi


Emir-Adil Çelebi (male)
Father 1344Emir-Arif (II) Çelebi


Family of Emir-Adil Çelebi
Boy date?Cemaleddin (I) Çelebi


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