Abdurrahman (III) Çelebi (male)
Father date?Bayram (II) Çelebi


Family of Abdurrahman (III) Çelebi
Boy date?Ahmet Çelebi


Haci-Mehmet Çelebi (male)
Death 1815date?
Father date?Ismail Çelebi


Family of Haci-Mehmet Çelebi
Boy date?Sait Hemdem Çelebi


Sait Hemdem Çelebi (male)
Death 1859date?
Father date?Haci-Mehmet Çelebi


Family of Sait Hemdem Çelebi
Boy date?Sadreddin Çelebi
Boy date?Fahreddin Çelebi
Boy date?Saffet Çelebi
Boy date?Abdulvahid Çelebi


Abdulvahid Çelebi (male)
Death 1907date?
Father date?Sait Hemdem Çelebi


Fatma-Kerruban (female)


Family of Abdulvahid Çelebi & Fatma-Kerruban
Boy date?Abdulhalim (II) Çelebi


Abdulhalim (II) Çelebi (male)
Death 1925date?
Father date?Abdulvahid Çelebi
Mother date?Fatma-Kerruban


Kevser (female)
Father date?Kemal
Mother date?Novber Hanim


Family of Abdulhalim (II) Çelebi & Kevser
Girl date?Rukiye Çelebi
Girl date?Novber Çelebi
Boy date?Vahit Çelebi
Boy date?Bakir Çelebi


Bakir Çelebi (male)
Death 1944Istanbul
Father date?Abdulhalim (II) Çelebi
Mother date?Kevser


Izzet Altinanit (female)
Father date?Cerkez-Mehmet
Mother date?Guzide


Family of Bakir Çelebi & Izzet Altinanit
Marriage 1925Halep
Boy 1926Celaleddin (Dr.) Çelebi
Girl 1929Fatma Çelebi


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