Fahri Pacalioglu (male)
Birth 1910Istanbul
Death 1988Istanbul


Astriks (Nevin) Tascan (female)
Birth 1914date?


Family of Fahri Pacalioglu & Astriks (Nevin) Tascan
Marriage date?Istanbul
Girl 1939Sevil Pacalioglu
Boy 27 Jun 1950Riz a Nu r Pacalioglu


Riz a Nur Pacalioglu (male)
Birth 27 Jun 1950Istanbul
Father 1910Fahri Pacalioglu
Mother 1914Astrix (Nevin) Tascan


Gevher Çelebi (female)
Birth 1 May 1959Istanbul
Father 1926Celaleddin (Dr.) Çelebi
Mother 1927Guzide Uraz


Family of Riz a Nur Pacalioglu & Gevher Çelebi
Marriage 1984Istanbul
Girl 29 Jun 1993Yasemin Pacalioglu


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